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What Should You Ask of Your Web Design Agency?

Meeting with web design agencyQuite simply, you should demand web site design, development and marketing services that will produce genuine business results. 

But how do you achieve this?  What should you want of your web design agency?

As a specialist web design, development and marketing agency, NCS offers a more comprehensive package of marketing advice and support than many web design agencies - as well as truly professional web design and development services. 

Individually tailored to your needs, our service can help you create a site that really works for you cost-effectively. You should ask for nothing less.

Your Web Site Development Needs To ... 

  • Have a clear set of practical objectives and a budget that matches them

    NCS offers a free initial consultation to help you plan your web site.

    Unlike many web design agencies, our staff have substantial business and marketing experience and can help you decide what you should set as your objectives and, if necessary, how to phase work to fit within your budget. 
  • Have content that will achieve your objectives

    ‘Content is King’ applies strongly whatever the web site design. Developing the content can be the most difficult and longest part of the project – indeed many businesses never get past this step because of a combination of different skills sets and the pressure of day to day priorities.

    We can provide expert marketing and web copywriting skills to help you produce great content that works on your target market and helps to achieve a good profile with search engines too
  • Have a web site design that works with your content

    Some web site designs can actually shut out search engines or turn off visitors by taking too long to download. Some web design agencies in the UK also use standard template designs and cram your content into them, often resulting in a disappointing site lacking spark or real appeal.

    As an integrated web development and promotion specialist, we ensure your web site design will:
    • look good
    • be individually tailored to your business
    • work for visitors and search engines alike


  • Be nurtured – or it will wither and die

    NCS provides a free 6 month review of your site’s performance. We can provide additional reports on your site traffic and search engine positioning to help you assess how the site is performing and to plan changes and/or further promotion.

    We can also help you update your site regularly or as required to keep it fresh to encourage more visitors. We provide you with a content management system as standard so you can amend text and images yourselves. 



Example of NCS custom web design - click to see our web design portfolio

Click here to see examples from our custom web design portfolio

Choose a Different Service ....

NCS offers a different service from many web design agencies in the UK – one specifically tailored for your needs but always aimed at helping you obtain a web site that really works for you.

Why not phone us to talk about your plans and how we can help you? Call us on 01438 798638 (Welwyn Office) or 07788 198283 (Harpenden Office).


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