Improve Your Existing Website

Upgrade Your Website with Better Website Design and Promotion

Man wanting to improve his websiteTime to Improve Your Website?             

  • Your business...  has changed.    
  • Your customers  have changed.
  • Your competition has changed.
  • The marketplace has changed.
  • Your website has not changed. It is out of date, looks stale and / or  needs to achieve more?

It’s time to upgrade your website…..properly… and to get real results.

You Want To:

  • Upgrade your website content so it sells better
  • Improve your website design so it stands out more
  • Improve your website functionality and usability
  • Tailor your website for better search engine performance
  • Promote it with the latest marketing techniques 

NCS Custom Web Design and Promotion Services

Net Commerce Solutions is a custom web design and promotion company based in Hertfordshire near London. Established in 2000, we serve local Herts, UK and international clients.

We tailor our approach to your needs and offer:

  • A review of your existing site design, present traffic levels and search engine profiles

    To assess what is good about the present site - and can be retained - and what needs to be changed. This can help to reduce the work required and your overall costs too 
  • Professional copywriting to make your text ‘sell’ and help the project progress.

    Your text is a crucial factor in achieving better search engine placement as well as in persuading visitors to buy your service. Many web site development projects become hung up and even abandoned because of delays in producing the site text internally. Our professional copywriting service can help deliver your website on time as well as improving your results 
  • Search engine optimisation of the site content and coding

    N.B. You need to build search engine optimisation into the content and web page design for best results – it should not be regarded as an add-on extra. Your custom web site design will support high rankings in the search engines in the UK or your markets globally.
  • Custom web site design and development

    To fit your content and also to sell you and your services to your target audiences - UK and international customers, business partners and suppliers, the press, shareholders - with your own unique web design.

    We agree the new web page design with you in advance and the finished development before publishing too.

    See examples of our custom web design and development


  • Marketing and promotion support to attract your target audiences 

    Even sites with great content and superb web page design need promotion to attract visitors from the UK or internationally.

    NCS can advise you on integrating your web site into your marketing, obtaining good search engine rankings and using internet marketing techniques to build targeted site traffic and sales.


Ask us about our FREE initial consultation today - call us on 01438 798638 (Welwyn Office) or 07788 198283 (Harpenden Office).

Net Commerce Solutions
Upgrade Your Website with Better Website Design and Promotion