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Your Link Building Strategy

The aim of your link building strategy should be to increase your link popularity sufficiently to gain a good position in Google and the other main search engines for your chosen page keywords.

The amount of work / investment required will depend on your marketplace and your starting point. Once you catch up with your competitors you should plan to at least maintain your competitive position or you will fall behind.


  • research your competitors
  • discuss the options for your link building strategy with you
  • recommend the link building services that are most appropriate for you, and
  • support your implementation

NCS has been named one of the top performing Link Popularity Services Firm in the UK by independent search engine optimisation (SEO) authority

Some NCS SEO Link Building Services

We offer a range of link building services and work closely with you to ensure maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.  

 Search Engine & Directory Links

  • provide initial presence for new sites
  • review and boost existing sites
  • add quality, free directories

Target Site Research 

  • research competitor and  related sites
  • identify link candidates and linking bases 
  • create site content to attract natural links

Webmaster’s Pages

  • create a page for your site containing optimised link texts for use by other webmasters

 Improved Internal Linking

  • improve the quality and number of internal site links - also benefits site usability and sales conversion

Article Marketing

  • write articles for your site - good for search engines, visitor interest, site credibility etc
  • place articles on other sites with optimised links to your site

 Internet News Releases

  • write and optimise news releases on your newsworthy business activities
  • issue press releases to online news agencies with optimised links to your site

 Blogging and Social Media

  • create onsite targetted blog
  • use in conjunction with social media programme to generate web traffic and inbound links

  Link Building Approach Service

  • create filtered list of candidates and approach basis
  • approach candidate sites for a quality link

















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