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Our Professional Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion Services

Net Commerce Solutions

  • are UK web development and search engine consultants providing professional search engine optimisation (SEO), promotion and submission services to UK and international businesses across a wide variety of industries
  • have significant marketing experience and focus on getting you sales and not just visitors
  • have extensive client testimonials to the quality of our work and have been recognised by an independent SEO authority site as one of the UK top 10 Search Engine Optimisation companies.

Our Aims

  • Achieve a high search engine listing for your website cost effectively, attracting your target UK or overseas market
  • Produce real sales enquiries or direct sales conversions via your website
  • Combine our web site search engine optimisation and promotion service with our internet marketing and web development services to produce the most appropriate and affordable internet marketing solutions for you

Our Approach 

  • We tailor our approach to web optimisation and promotion to your needs and budget
  • Business marketing budgets are always limited, so the value and cost of search engine optimisation and promotion services have to be viewed against the alternative ways of attracting new enquiries
  • Search engine optimisation is one of the lowest cost and most reliable ways of building business volumes over a period
  • We strongly recommend getting the fundamentals of your search engine optimisation in place as early as possible and developing the site and its web promotion on a phased basis as budget permits.

SEO and Promotion Services:

  • Targeting the most effective keywords:
    We research the keyword phrases your target market are using to find your products or services. We assess the competition from similar sites for these terms to select the terms that will yield the best return for you.
  • Building the keyword phrases into your site text and page coding:
    Your text needs to sell your message and describe your offering accurately to the search engines - We can help with professional copywriting and page optimisation.
  • Ensuring the site design helps search engines:
    We ensure your site is easy for search engines to access and understand so they can send the right visitors to you.
  • Professional search engine submission:
    To ensure your site is properly introduced to the search engines and directories - we recommend manual search engine submission as search engines prefer this.  
  • Pay per Click advertising:
    Can often be a valuable part of your search engine promotion. We can advise you on budget, manage your campaign for you and save you a lot of money.
  • Post launch promotion of your site, including building links from other sites:
    Is very important but frequently forgotten! It ideally should be phased over a period and be part of your long term promotion.
  • Regular monitoring of your site traffic and search engine listings:
    To show the growth in volumes and to identify any issues to address.

What's in it for you?

You can gain real business benefits from our approach to professional search engine optimisation and promotion even with a limited budget. Here are some client comments:

  • Over 12,000 visitors in only the second month of operation – fabulous
  • ..almost 400% increase in visitors over the same period of last year. The site makeover has paid for itself many times over from the business gained.
  • The site paid for itself within months…….
  • We are as busy as we can be - we have been turning down as many bookings as we accept. The website is definitely working for us.

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