Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Personalised Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Management Services

Why use pay per click advertising?

  • 80 % of first time visitors to a site come from search engines and more than half don’t look at more than the first 2 pages of results
  • Pay per click advertising can quickly put your site in the top positions in major search engines and you only pay for those who click on your adverts
  • You appear in search results much more quickly and for a much wider range of keyword phrases than with normal search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Excellent management information is provided, so you (or we) can steadily improve your campaign.  You can even monitor how many of your clicks become sales.  It is easy to see whether PPC works for you.  Just count the value of the sales gained against the cost.  If it does not work, stop it.  If it works, increase your budget!

How should you use pay per click advertising?

  • Pay per click advertising is best used alongside normal search engine optimisation, as SEO is cheaper long term
  • You should allocate part of your promotion budget to selected PPC providers – the actual choice depends on your target market and your budget. The PPC providers for US and global markets are different from UK and Europe for example. Facebook should also be considered.
  • Pay per click advertising is particularly useful for high volume search terms where you cannot yet achieve a top profile through normal SEO because of the large number of other competing sites.

Our PPC management services

  • We advise you on your use of pay per click advertising, cost-effective budget allocation and management
  • Working on a flat fee or percentage basis as agreed with you, we then:
    • Select the most appropriate search terms to maximise your traffic
    • Set up initial PPC management programmes with the chosen pay per click providers to meet your traffic and budget objectives
    • Design your adverts using keyword phrases to maximise yur conversion rate 
    • Undertake active management of your PPC programmes over time to maintain targeted site traffic whilst minimising your expenditure
    • Make individual payments on your behalf and provide a consolidated invoice to save you admin time and costs
    • Provide a monthly report to keep you in control
  • We also offer affordable, quarterly PPC management services if you have a limited budget and your programme can be managed less intensively
  • We also offer our optional Advanced PPC Monitoring which provides added protection against Click Fraud and information on sales conversions.

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Personalised Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Management Services for Better Results