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Why Link Popularity?

There are two main ways in which Google and other search engines decide the order pages appear in the search results when a searcher enters a search phrase:

  • First they look for the page which appears to deal best with the subject of the search - Search Engine Optimisation is primarily about producing pages highly focussed on the target search term(s) 
  • They then assess which of these pages are most important on the web. They assess this importance primarily from the Link Popularity of the pages.

Essentially the page with the best combination of these two will be returned top of the search results. (Other factors such as the page's seniority and authority are also considered by some engines).

Link Popularity and your Web Optimisation and Promotion

Link popularity, in its simplest form, is a measure of the number and quality of other sites that link to your site. 

So, links from other sites are potentially important to your web optimisation and promotion because:

  • They encourage direct visitor traffic from the other site, and 
  • They are a major factor in determining the status (link popularity or ‘page rank’) that Google and other major search engines give to your site. And the higher your status, the higher your site appears in search results (N.B. more or less!)

Our SEO Link Building Services

NCS has been named as one of the top performing Link Popularity Services Firms in the UK by independent search engine optimisation authority

We tailor our approach to achieve the maximum boost to your website rankings. Link building in a competitive marketplace can demand a lot of time and effort.  We work with you to help you gain high quality links and can support you with a variety of our SEO link building services.

NB Successful link building is about link quality and numbers – not just the latter. The best ways to increase your link popularity  are changing – simply adopting old link building approaches may not work and may even harm your site rankings. 

We propose the most appropriate methods for your kind of business.  These might include:

  • developing conventional inbound links from suitable sites
  • developing social networking links (not just Facebook and Twitter; there are many and some (e.g. "Linked in") are business focussed)
  • article marketing
  • news releases

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