Assessing Your Results

Analysing Your Site Traffic and Sales Enquiries is Key to Professional SEO

Monitor Your Campaigns

‘I know that half my promotional spend is wasted – but I don’t know which half’

By using the right tools to monitor your campaigns, you'll know exactly what is working for you and what is not.  With the right approach, you can not only measure accurately the amount of traffic your website is receiving overall but also:

  • Identify traffic coming from individual sources - search engines, other sites, even individual online and offline adverts
  • Determine search terms being used in individual search engines to find you
  • Identify repeat visitors and which visitors are buying from you.
  • Calculate your return on investment from individual campaigns
  • Determine what you need to improve to achieve a consistently high ranking on search engine results

Our Professional SEM Services

We can advise you on a cost-effective approach for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) monitoring needs and work with you on the day-to-day implementation. This can include:

  • Selecting an appropriate site traffic monitoring package

    Monitoring your online traffic is essential to managing your website.  We include a monitoring package in the price of our NCS Hosting Services. This is a very cost-effective way of gaining valuable information on your site visitors. If your hosting is provided elsewhere, we can still recommend and set up a suitable site traffic package.

    For more advanced needs, more sophisticated packages are available, for example using tracking methodologies to identify repeat visitors and those actually making purchases.


  • Tracking URLs

    Used in conjunction with a site monitoring package, tracking URLs are very effective at identifying your visitors from individual search engines, other sites and even individual adverts.
  • Search engine profiles

    NCS can provide profile reports on key target search phrases for individual search engines. These can identify for which keywords you are successfully achieving high ranking on search engine results and, even more importantly, where are the gaps or slippages in position that will reduce your targeted visitors.

    We also produce reports on your pay per click engine performance as part of our pay per click management service.
  • Analysis and recommendations

    Your business may not have the time or technical skills internally to analyse the information produced by your tracking systems. For example, if you think 1000 hits on your site logs means you have received 1000 visitors, you may be grossly overestimating your site traffic. With our substantial expertise in marketing and statistical analysis, NCS can help you turn information into real understanding and make recommendations for action where required:
  • to save you money by identifying under-performing campaigns
  • to improve your business results by identifying success areas or gaps in coverage
  • to make better use of budget by re-allocating it to meet your current needs.


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