NCS E-mail Newsletter Service

Send Email Newsletters and Messages to Your Customers and Prospects

Why Use Our Email Newsletter Service?

Our NCS Email Newletter Service provides a quick and cost-effective way for your business to:

  • set up and amend your own mailing lists
  • acquire new subscribers by direct web sign up 
  • create and issue your own attractive, designer produced emails

How It Works

  • monitor results online with up to date statistics
  • keep your mail list up to date
  • meet best practice anti-spam guidelines
  • minimise your own work and time involvement 
  • you provide us with your initial lists, then update the lists as and when required
  • we upload your lists to our servers and/or amend them as required

Managed Email Marketing Service

  • we set up one or more design templates 
  • we link your site so web visitors can sign up
  • you send out your own emails or use our Managed Email Marketing service

When you want a mailshot, you send us:

  • any list updates you want
  • your email content for us to create the email, or
  • the HTML email or URL where you created it
  • update your lists, create and send the email 
  • report to you on the issue
  • give you your online mailshot statistics 

SPAM Policy and Procedures

  • It is in your interest as well as ours to avoid any suggestion of SPAM 
  • We do not support the issue of SPAM emails and request your co-operation to minimise SPAM 
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our service if you generate large numbers of SPAM complaints

How to Avoid SPAM

SPAM complaints arise when recipients feel (rightly or wrongly) they have been sent an email they have not agreed to or is now unwanted. They might complain formally or delete the offending email using their SPAM button on their email software if they have one.

We recommend:

  • you only use lists generated by yourselves - 3rd party lists are high risk
  • new list members are added through Double Opt In 
  • emails say why recipients are receiving this email and provide an obvious unsubscribe link 


Ask us how our email newsletter service could work for your business

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