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Effective Contact E-mail Marketing Service from NCS

Contact E-mail Marketing

Contact e-mail marketing can be a very effective part of your internet marketing strategy. 

Permission e-mail marketing can have much higher response rates than traditional e-mail or direct marketing. You can send newsletters, special offers, update contact details etc to strengthen your relationship with your contact list and make increased sales as a result.

Building Your Lists

We can assist you in building your mailing lists of contacts who have agreed for you to mail them. For most businesses, your past customers are a prime target for contact e-mail marketing to generate repeat sales. 

As a professional UK email marketing company, we do not support e-mail marketing from unapproved lists. This is categorised as ‘Spam’ which will contravene rules from EEC, US, many ISP and hosting companies and organisations – and may annoy many of your target market too. 

Your Email Marketing Approach

We can help you select and implement your e-mail marketing approach to make your list operation easier and also create your e-mail HTML page design within your own branding to sell powerfully to your target contact list.

You may consider for example:

  • our NCS email newsletter marketing service  to quickly set up your lists online, create and issue your newsletters and one-off mailshots
  • integration of your list management with your web site operations and online databases
  • help on selection and implementation of email list management software if you want  to run these in-house yourselves

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