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Most businesses have a marketing strategy - usually informal and undocumented for smaller companies, more structured for larger firms.

Your internet marketing strategy should be an intrinsic part of your wider marketing strategy, sharing many of the objectives and steps but with its own individual role and features.

UK Internet Marketing Consultants NCS

NCS senior personnel have years of experience as traditional and internet marketing consultants or managers working in UK and international markets for large and small companies.

We believe in keeping it simple to get the key elements of your internet marketing strategy right. We also believe in getting fully involved in the implementation to help you obtain the results you want.

Key Questions For Your Internet Marketing Strategy

  • How does your internet marketing strategy fit into your overall plans?
  • What are you trying to achieve – numbers, sales value, results, budgets?
  • Who are your target internet market(s) /audience(s)?
    • Geographically
    • Demographically 
    • Role(s)
    • Behaviour(s) 
    • Segmentation
  • How do your target market(s) use the internet? What do they want? What research / information do you have or do you need on this? How can you get it or improve it?
  • What products are you offering? How do they fit in with your market’s requirements and behaviours? 
  • How explicit are you able to be on your pricing? How does your internet pricing relate to your offline direct or retailer pricing and, of course, your competitors?
  • Where are you trying to reach your target audience – at home/ in the office/ on your website / on other people’s websites/ by email/ time of day?
  • Promotion will probably be a central part of your internet marketing strategy and a subject in its own right – see our web page Increase Target Traffic or, in more depth, our article Increase Your Targeted Web Site Traffic
  • How are enquiries, orders and payments to be handled/fulfilled efficiently?
  • How are you going to integrate your internet customers and transactions with your main admin processes?
  • Are your website, service terms and conditions, email communications in line with distance selling, SPAM and other regulations and best practices?
  • How are you going to implement it? 

We can help you make sense of these to produce not just an internet marketing strategy but one that can be implemented to deliver the results you want.

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