Banner Ads 

Banner Ads, Design and Managing Your Web Advertising

Web advertising is growing quickly and spend in the UK now exceeds that of radio advertising. 

Banner Ads form one of the three main types of web advertising along with:

All 3 have their place for many businesses - See our article on Online Advertising or click on the topics above for our service pages.

Banner Ads – Design and Campaign Management

Banner ads are effective for increasing your brand and product awareness to either a mass market or a highly targeted market sector. They can be very useful for stimulating enquiries for products that people do not necessarily search for directly. (Search engine promotion and PPC advertising may be more effective methods for  generating leads from direct searches however.)

We offer you a full banner ads service tailored to your needs. We can:

  • Research your marketplace to:
    • identify worthwhile target sites and/or networks for your banner ads
    • identify costs / terms of target sites placement 
    • highlight existing competitor programmes / usage 
    • develop a campaign proposal to achieve your business objectives and budgets
  • Design a range of banner ads of appropriate size and nature – these can be static - picture and/or text - or more creative banner ads where the banner moves and flashes to attract attention
  • Manage the campaign for you – placing and rotation of ads, monitoring and reporting performance, undertaking payments required and presenting a consolidated invoice to you 
  • Set up banner ads management on your own site

Free Web Advertising Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to UK businesses on your internet marketing and web advertising plans to help you achieve maximum results for your spend.

Contact us today for your free consultation on your web advertising and banner ads programme.

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Banner Ads, Design and Managing Your Web Advertising