Web Site Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Support Covering Web Site Hosting, Design and Optimisation 

Launching your web site is a big step forward for your business. You need to maintain and build upon this to get the results you want.

NCS can help you keep up your momentum though our professional support and maintenance covering web site hosting, design and optimisation services as well as internet marketing. Click on the headings you are interested in below for more information:

  1. 1. Free 12 Months Warranty
  2. 2. Free 6 Month Performance Review
  3. 3. Hosting Support
  4. 4. Further Content Development
  5. 5. Design Changes
  6. 6. Visitor Monitoring
  7. 7. Search Engine Profile Review
  8. 8. Link Building
  9. 9. Internet Marketing

1. Free 12 Months Warranty

We thoroughly proof all your site and databases before live publication to ensure they have no obvious (and not-so-obvious) errors. 

To ensure your complete satisfaction, all our site and database development comes with our free 12 month warranty. We shall correct, free, any errors identified within this period resulting from failure to implement your agreed site specification. This also includes any minor technical errors or misspellings in your content supplied to us. 

2. Free 6 Month Performance Review 

You want your site to work. So do we.

We provide a free performance review of your site 3 or 6 months after publication to check its performance. This includes:
- Reviewing site traffic and sales leads generated
- Checking search engine profiles against principal keywords
- Advising on any content, design or marketing changes that would improve performance further

3. Web Hosting Support

We provide telephone, fax and email based support to respond rapidly to any problems you encounter or amendments, for example, to email recipients.

If you are experiencing higher than expected site or email traffic, we can upgrade your hosting arrangements to maintain good service levels.

4. Further Content Development

We can change the content on your site to update or add products or services, revise the targeting or change the sales approach in the light of experience. 

We charge on a time basis or on a fixed fee for the work identified. 

We can also provide you with a Content Management System on key parts of your website that you want to update yourselves.

5. Design Changes

We can change your design, for example to add page sections or banners, or to update your branding.

6. Visitor Monitoring

Your site visitor traffic logs are an important information source on your visitor behaviour and the success of your site and marketing campaigns. 

We can analyse raw server logs or interpret statistics from monitoring packages to highlight ways you may be able to increase your site traffic and sales. We recommend regular reviews to identify trends and any problems at an early stage.

7. Search Engine Profile Review

Reviewing your profile for key search phrases in target search engines can indicate under-performing areas and identify priorities for further site content improvements or allocation of marketing budget. 

Your search engine profiles will vary as competitors upgrade their own sites. Regular monitoring should identify slippage early before large reductions in targeted traffic occur.

8. Link Building

Links from other sites to your site can introduce potential customer visitors to you directly and also help to raise your search engine profiles.

We can:

  • Identify potentially valuable link sites
  • Approach these sites on your behalf to arrange links, possibly on a reciprocal basis where appropriate, and
  • Set up any links on your own site

9. Internet Marketing

As your experience with your site grows you may want to increase its sales power and reach by adopting internet marketing techniques such as advanced autoresponders or email marketing. We can advice on their use and help you set them up where appropriate.

Contact us for more information on our web maintenance services.

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Professional Web Maintenance Covering Web Site Hosting, Design and Optimisation