Web Content Management and Backup

Managing Your Website Content and Guaranteeing Disaster Recovery

Many businesses want to update part or all of their web content frequently:

  • To encourage their visitors to return many times, in most cases leading to a sale, possibly even repeat sales
  • To update time sensitive information such as:
    • news and article pages
    • press releases
    • service or product information
    • price lists
    • special offers
    • contact points

NCS can provide a variety of means to do this to suit your requirements, your team’s technical and time capabilities, and budget. Three options combining ease of operation with top quality results are:

1. Database Driven Websites

Database driven websites can be very powerful and cost effective for presenting frequently changing information. Updates can be automated and based on your latest database or performed manually using your browser.

2. Ecommerce or Catalogue Software Solutions

Specialist ecommerce or catalogue software are the best solutions for many businesses with a structured product or item range to present and update. These can also enable you to change general ‘brochure’ pages as well as normal ‘product’ ones.

3. NCS Flexible Content Management Service

NCS Flexible Content Management Service provides you with flexible content management plus protection against accidental or malicious damage to your site files.

We suggest optional regular backup offline of your web pages as a recommended part of your computer backup strategy.

You obtain:

1. the ability to amend your web page text yourselves on selected pages or even all your pages if you want –simply, flexibly, when you want to

2. additional flexibility for advanced users to add pages or even amend the images and design on your pages

3. your website organised to protect your vital files and establish individual user password control

4. internet backup of all your static files plus at least monthly backup of your managed (updateable) files to ensure you have a copy at your personal control – insures against catastrophic web failure resulting from any of your web files being accidentally or deliberately damaged – for example by disgruntled ex staff or by hackers

5. NCS administration support to keep everything simple and working

6. low monthly costs, tailored to your requirements – you pay less if you only want to amend text on selected pages

Contact us for more information on our web content management and backup solutions.

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