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As UK based web design and marketing consultants, we offer a wide range of services to UK and overseas businesses. We believe passionately in obtaining constructive feed back from clients and site visitors to help us continually improve our services and website.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to fill in this brief questionnaire and to make any comments, negative or positive, that you want.

Your Feedback:

  1. 1. How would you rate the site out of 10 (1 abysmal, 10 brilliant):

    Ease of use  
    Navigation (getting about)  
    Range of content  
    Depth of content (level of detail)  
    Quality of the content  
    Download speed  
    (What connection speed are you using?)  
  2. 2. Was the site content:
  3. 3. Did you want more subjects covered? – if so please specify:

  4. 4. Please say in your own words what you felt about our services or site and/or how they could be improved

  5. 5. How did you find out about our site:

    A friend or colleague told me
    Newspaper or magazine article (Please specify the title if remember)
    Search engine (Please specify which one and search term used)
    Advert (Please specify the publication or website if remembered)
    Link from another website (Please specify the website if remembered)
    Other (please specify):

  6. 6. What were your main reasons for coming to our site? (Multiple choice)

  7. To read your free articles
    To sign up for a marketing course
    To subscribe to your newsletter
    To request a free consultation
    To find out more about your services on (please specify)

      Web Design
    Search Engine Optimisation

    Other (please specify)

    About You:
    Please tell us a little about yourself to help us know where you are coming from.

  8. 7. What type and size of business are you in: (single choice)

    Don’t have one
    Starting up
    One man/woman business
    Small business (1-20 employees)
    Medium sized business (20- 50 employees)
    Larger business (50 + employees)
  9. 8. What is your main business product or service area (please specify)

  10. 9. What is your position in your business? (single choice)

    Owner/ Partner/ Director
    Manager (please specify field of responsibility/job title)

    Not in a business
  11. 10. Which country / part of the UK are you based? (Please specify)


  12. 11. Any other comments?

    Would you like us to send you a free article on pay per click marketing? If yes, please provide your name and email address.
  13. First name


    email address

    Many Thanks. We appreciate your time and consideration in completing this questionnaire.

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