7 Steps to Add Traffic to Your Property Site

Article from Experienced Property Website Promotion Company NCS

1. Make your web site the focus of your property marketing programme

A strongly focussed and presented property site can help you reach local,
national or international buyers and sellers.

First reflect carefully, on the key marketing questions:
• Who are you trying to reach?
• What are they looking for?
• What can you offer to them?

Tip: Use Keyword research at this stage to understand what your marketplace is
looking for and how they are searching. If this is missed or done badly, any
subsequent work on optimisation will be largely wasted. Be very explicit on whether
you are buying, selling or renting – consider separate sections on property rental
and property purchase and sale.

2. Use professional skills to optimise your property web site

In our experience, both on websites used for internet property selling and sites
selling other products, professional expertise is needed to optimise the site

Even if you understand the principles, you are unlikely to have access to the tools
used by web professionals, or keep up with latest best practise. Good SEO
companies have built their knowledge by working on a range of property web sites,
whether buying property, or property for sale web sites.

Tip – Check that your web company has real experience in promoting property sites – ask them about it. Some web companies specialise in promoting property web sites (click here to visit NCS property page) and make this clear on their site.

3. Consider Pay per Click advertising

The cost per click on many property-related terms can be minimal. It will give your
property web site an immediate boost to your visibility - visitor flows from natural search results can take weeks or months to develop. Moreover, you can afford to bid on different property terms in different search engines and compare results.

Your web company may be happy to handle all the administration for you and produce a single composite monthly report and budget update.

Tip: Include your property locations in your keyword selection – use the Town, County, or Country keywords which fit.

4. Getting more inbound links

Without inbound links you will not gain a high page ranking from the major engines.
The top sites involved in internet property selling have thousands of inbound links, but this reduces considerably even half way down the first results page -   so you can
become competitive without a big spend.

Possible actions include:
• A good initial submission programme to search engines and property directories
• Obtaining reciprocal links with other UK property web sites  – although this is 
   now believed to be less valuable than previously it is still worthwhile
• Gaining standalone inbound links from eg business partners, suppliers or UK
   property web sites
• Submitting your site to a few property directories (or property category within
   a wider directory) each month whether on a free or paid basis.
• Providing articles of interest eg on internet property selling, for publication
   on other sites – in return they will provide links back to your site.
• Get a small banner ad prepared by your web company – this helps boosts 
   your site’s visibility on directories and other property web sites

Tip: You don’t have to choose between doing this work yourself or paying
professionals. Get an initial boost by using a property web promotion company 
- then maintain a monthly programme to keep your site moving up the rankings.

5. Direct presence or indirect presence?

On many property search terms, there are very powerful property web sites or
directories which hold the top places. - advertise your own property web site on these.
At the same time build the direct visibility of your own property web site,
by increasing your links, issuing articles, and using Pay Per Click.

The top property for sale websites sites may have Page Ranks of 5 or 6, so using
them while you build up your own Page Rank makes good sense.

6. E-mail and Newsletter web property marketing

These can be very effective in internet property selling, especially as you build up the
 volume of your mailing list - once the formats and the list categories have been
defined it rapidly becomes less time consuming.

Tip: To avoid SPAM problems you may need to build your mailing list gradually, and
on an invitation basis.  However, lists built in this way typically give better results than
lists which have been bought externally.

7. Free consultation

We always provide, without commitment, a free consultation on your property company web site and promotion needs, so you can check the quality of our input before you have to pay over any fees.

Dave Abernethy
Managing Director

Net Commerce Solutions
Specialist Property Website Promotion Consultants

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