5 steps to making more sales from your web site

Your stunning new web site is receiving lots of traffic but you aren’t receiving many enquiries or orders.

You are sure it’s not your products or prices. They look comparable with competitors.

What’s gone wrong? More importantly, what can you do to improve your web site sales conversion?

There are lots of things you can do – many of course tied to your particular product or service but here are 5 approaches we recommend as applicable to most businesses.

1.  Validate the site technically

It may have been checked before publication but check it out again:

  • Can you see all the site in the major browsers or are important pages garbled or cut off? 
  • Does it work well in the main screen resolutions?
  • Do all the key links work?  
  • Can you actually buy all the products? Is there a problem with the shopping cart or the payment system?
  • If your site assembles products, is this working properly for all products? 
  • Is it tidy and without spelling or grammatical errors?

2. Find out what your visitors have been doing

Check your site visitor statistics – what do they tell you?  

  • Which pages are your visitors landing on?
  • How long are they staying? Are they bouncing off the first page or looking at several? 
  • Which pages are they leaving from? 
  • Which pages are they looking at most and which least? 
  • What search terms are they using to find your site – will they be disappointed?

3. Check what first impression your site makes on visitors

  • Imagine you are a first time visitor to your site. What impression do you get from the site – especially in comparison with your main competitors?
  • What do other people say? Get other people – colleagues, acquaintances to look at the site and possibly even try to buy something. 
  • Ask your customers (those who have bought or enquired from the site) what they thought of their experience. What was easy / what was difficult, confusing or off-putting? 
  • Ask for feedback from other users. If necessary, offer a small reward (free sample, download, T shirt etc - something appropriate to your business) to encourage this.

4. Check you are displaying all the 'credibility' & 'comfort' material you can

Ideally you should show all or most of this on every page throughout your site and buying process:

  • Your physical address and contact details
  • Professional affiliations, certificates, warranties, guarantees – on products and delivery 
  • Testimonials 
  • ‘Best seller’ or ‘Recommended Items’ lists 
  • Provide telephone and email contacts for enquiries – and respond quickly to them 
  • Product or service articles – demonstrating expertise

5. Test – everything and monitor the results

Change and experiment with anything and everything and check if it has improved your web site sales conversion for a set time period – it could be a day, week or a month for example. Be ruthless, never assume: 

  • Page headings 
  • Page design 
  • Colours 
  • Your copy – is it stodgy or is it easy to read and does it sell? 
  • Number of images and which ones 
  • Navigation, consistency and ease of use 
  • Calls to action

If all else fails, ask for help!  A review from an experienced internet marketing professional could get your web site reaching its conversion potential.

Dave Abernethy

Net Commerce Solutions
To Improve Your Web Site Sales Conversion

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