Adding Facebook & Twitter To Emails

Adding Icons to Your Email Signatures If You Use Outlook 2007

Social Network marketing is of course only one aspect of internet marketing but is growing in importance. It can be very useful to provide Facebook and Twitter icons on your emails to increase visits to your Social Networking pages. 

Basic Steps On Adding These Icons To Your Signature For Outlook 2007

1. First go to Facebook and Twitter, find the icons you want and save them onto your hard drive
2. Open Outlook and click on Tools
3. Click on Options and choose the “Mail Format” tab
4. Click on Signatures; click the “New” Button (or select an existing signature you want to update)
5. Give your signature a name (e.g. your name or your Company name)
6. Then in the Edit Signature section, type out everything you want included in the signature (e.g. your name, title, logo, address, phone, email, web address, company number, VAT number).
7. To add the images to your signature (see below), first ensure the cursor is in the place you want the icon to appear, then click on the “picture” icon (it is the 2nd icon from the right with a picture of a mountain on it)
8. After you click on Picture, a browse wizard will allow you to browse your hard drive, find the icon you have saved in 1 above and add it to the signature.
9. Once you have the images in the signature, click on one of the images to highlight it. Then click on the “hyperlink” button (normally the last button on the right)
10. In the address field of the hyperlink window, type in (or paste in) your Twitter or Facebook address (depending on which image you are linking)
11. Click OK
12. Repeat that until you have all your images linked to the right web addresses  (You would do the same for Linked in, or any other social network logo).
13. Open a new email to check that the images appear correctly and link to the right page!
14. Job done.

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Malcolm Tebbutt
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