How to use Article Marketing Effectively

Article Marketing can be used successfully to help build the inbound links to your site and attract real visitors too. This article sets out the actions you need to use article marketing effectively and provides article marketing tips to make the process easier.

Article Marketing Tip 1:  Understand Your Aim - the purpose is not mainly to express yourself, or demonstrate your command of your subject – it is to create an article that will be accepted and read, and will thereby create links back into your own site.
Good quality articles are a valued source of content for many web sites, particularly Ezines, (article hosting sites) or sector portals, keen to add interest to their site - such sites will accept and host articles containing links back to your site.

Many such sites hold good page rankings - the link back is a wholly valid way to increase your link volumes and help build your site Page Rank. Additionally, if the content is strong or of lasting value, visitors to those sites may follow the link to the full article on your site and link directly to you.

Article Marketing Tip 2: Put the article on your own site first – this provides fresh, relevant, keyword-rich content for your site which will help your rating in Google’s eyes. (Other aspects being equal, Google will rate sites with a steady flow of content changes more highly than those with static content).

Typically, the version of the article on your site will be longer and carry more detail than the version you submit to the Ezines – this extra detail increases the chance of a link back to your site in line with the paragraph above. Plus, the article adds interest for your site visitors and demonstrates your own capability via the article content.

Article Marketing Tip 3: Don’t rely only on Article Marketing - you should pursue other link building and site promotion steps, and have e.g. checked out the benefits of using Pay Per Click to gain traffic – generally, relative to Pay Per Click for example, article marketing is a low cost way of increasing site visibility.

Article Marketing Tip 4: Find good article hosting sites – article marketing success lies in building a list of good quality article hosting sites. These will be carrying high quality articles, will clearly spell out their submission guidelines, and can be used over time to carry a wide range of your articles.

In virtually all sectors there are a small number of knowledge rich sites, or portals which carry articles and possibly news. In my experience however, finding such sites s not easy – finding even three or four in some sectors can be challenging. Moreover, many of these require submission of articles by email, rather than the automated approach used by the best article hosting sites.

For many site owners, it may be best to simply create the base article, and then ask a web promotion company to handle all other aspects.

Article Marketing Tip 5: Maintain your data carefully – to make article marketing easier, prepare a spreadsheet which holds the URLs of the article hosting sites, your author name, user name, and password. Make notes of key submission requirements, including  the link formats specified by each article site, i.e. do they permit HTML links, use hypertext link insertion, or simply the URL in the article text.

This is slow work, but with this in place, your author accounts can be quickly opened, and future articles submitted efficiently.

Article Marketing Tip 6: Assemble your submission material – for each new article, assemble your submission material before you start. Typically this can be a Word doc which holds the article, a 2/3 sentence summary, a short bio of the author, an author image, keyword list, and HTML links. Finally, prepare a version of the article in Notepad, in case the article hosting site specify this format.

With the material assembled, and the spreadsheet data shown in paragraph 5, you will find that you can now submit each article very quickly.

Article Marketing Tip 7: Check your performance – having done all this article marketing work, be sureto check the volume of inbound links you gain, and the volume of visitors to each of your articles.

Dave Abernethy
Managing Director

Net Commerce Solutions
Specialist web site promotion consultants

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