Social Media Sites Can Build Site Visibility

Using Key Social Media Sites Can Help Build Your Business

1. Does Social Media Use Improve Your Google Page Ranking?

Many key industry sources, including critically, Google themselves confirm that  Page Rank is affected by social media use.

Google stress that quality matters more than quantity, and have highlighted not just social user share  but Social Authority of the user - the higher the authority of the social user sharing the content, the more value is given:

  • Shares of the item - the more shares, e.g. likes/tweets are recorded of the content, the more attention algorithmically it will receive
  • Traffic consideration - content that has noticeable share levels leads to increased traffic, and gives entire site higher rankings
  • Local signals - pages with more feedback, and more geo-locational signals receive greater consideration in Google Places.

Bing have confirmed  that their rankings are also influenced by Social Media usage, and we have seen one published study which tracked the effect of strong social media use, on their Google Page Rank, and found a direct improvement.

2.  Which Are The Key Social Media Sites?

  • We suggest  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as the current big three depending on your marketplace, plus increasingly also Google+ as a growing competitor for Facebook 
  • YouTube is important too
  • At a lower level then you should still consider possibly Digg, Delicious, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Reddit.  

3. Which Are The Key Sectors and Users?

The categories are widening steadily. From purely personal/social use initially, a wide range of commercial sector products now feature including Food and Drink, Fashion.

There is a close parallel with internet use from the 1990’s onwards – initially used for information, travel, music, the purchase pattern has widened steadily to now include clothing, food and major purchases.

Similarly with user patterns; the social media sites were almost exclusively for the young at the outset, but use by 55+ is growing strongly – possibly the fastest growing user group.

4. What Social Media Presence Do you Need?

For both Facebook and Twitter, a simple presence is fine, possibly spanning links to main website,  your Wall, with image gallery, testimonials, discussions, blog, newsletter sign up.

Our research shows considerable differences in approach on where the company blog is located – options included on the main website, with Twitter, and within Facebook. Key point is to have a blog, or a highly active news release page to hold the messages used to generate followers/share. 

For Twitter, in addition to opening a Business Account for the Company, it can be useful for key team members to open Twitter accounts also.

5. How Do You Build Share/Followers?

You need an active communication process:

  • ask / tell your clients to follow and use (with Twitter) for communication and news updates
  • summarise interesting industry trends/developments
  • highlight upgrades/changes in your product range/service proposition
  • mention team changes
  • summarise anything which you would feature in an article or a news release.

Following these simple steps will start to deliver you new benefits from social media use. 

Good luck!

Dave Abernethy
Net Commerce Solutions

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