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Online advertising spend in the UK now exceeds that of radio advertising.

Recent market research indicates more than two thirds of UK adults now use the internet.

This represents huge marketplace potential for many businesses – including your business too, probably.

Internet Advertising and Marketing

So how do you approach internet advertising and marketing?

We suggest with a good dose of business common sense and caution.

Internet advertising and marketing can deliver significant traffic to your web site. However, there are many marketing or advertising companies ready to make a fortune out of your advertising requirements and to charge a lot of money for advertising media that do not deliver. Be particularly cautious of internet advertising campaigns where ‘consultants’ call your business and give guarantees or promises. Ask for statistics and performance measures. If it sounds too good to be true ……

Much of our web site is devoted to internet marketing – see for example Your Internet Marketing Strategy for a good way to start. In this article, we shall talk primarily about internet or online advertising and in particular banner advertising.

Online Advertising Comes in Many Forms

Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion

This is working your site to achieve high positions in the search engines for a range of highly targeted search terms.

For many businesses, this will be the best, most cost-effective way to attract targeted traffic longer term. The main problem is that it can be a long term haul to achieve good results. Many search engines and directories also charge for initial submission or annually – sometimes a significant amount too - so a firm grip on your wallet is still advisable.

See our web page Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion Services for more detail.

Pay per Click Advertising

With Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, you usually bid for a ‘sponsored site’ position or advert on specified search engines and/or their affiliate network sites. When a visitor clicks on your advert, you pay (up to) the bid amount.

The main advantages of PPC advertising include:

  • You can achieve rapid profile using PPC advertising
  • It is highly controllable and you can vary spend, target terms and adverts very quickly
  • You can cover a wide range of search terms – sometimes many more than you can realistically optimise your web site for
  • You also get good management information, at least from the main engines, on clicks achieved, costs and even conversion of the visitor to a sale or lead for example. 

The main downsides of PPC advertising are that: 

  • The main (natural search) listings on most search engines receive the bulk of the traffic
  • You pay for clicks even when a customer does not actually buy from your website
  • You can get hit sometimes by fraudulent clicks.

Overall, however, this is a very important type of online advertising and well worth considering. See our page Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising for more information.         

Cost per Mil (CPM) Advertising

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) internet advertising can be very like Pay per Click advertising but you are bidding/paying for exposure (impressions) not a click.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is an effective method of providing brand and product awareness to either a mass market or a highly targeted market sector.

The banners can come in all shapes and sizes although there is increasing size standardisation. You can choose static banner advertising – picture and/or text - or use a more creative banner where the banner moves and flashes to attract attention. You can also use ‘pop ups’ but these are more problematical – users tend to dislike them and can ‘kill’ them with blocking software.

Banners can be placed in a huge range of websites – individually or via networks. They can be:

  • ‘Free’ – usually in return for you allowing other people’s banners on your site 
  • Pay per Click basis
  • CPM basis 
  • Featured Listing basis - your advertisement appears in the purchased location for a given period - usually 30 days, 90 days, or one year.

Banner advertising does not always have a particularly high click through rate to your web site. Factors affecting this include:

  • The relevance and value of your product offer to the other websites’ visitors 
  • The size and position of your banner 
  • The degree of competition for the users’ attention on the page

However, remember that banner advertising is mainly about brand awareness and can be very useful to stimulate enquires for products that people do not necessarily search for directly.

Banner advertising is more effective when it is exclusive to you, the only banner on the page and appears on every page throughout the user’s visit.

On search engines that have banner advertising linked to the search term, it is worth asking if your banner would appear for all the variations of the targeted search terms.

Assessing Your Online Advertising

You probably don’t want just traffic from your online advertising; you really want sales (or leads at least).

As with any form of advertising, you should be constantly monitoring your results and cost effectiveness - for traffic achieved but also for conversion to leads and /or sales. Good web analytics set up is important for this.

Free Consultation

Net Commerce Solutions provides a full online and banner advertising service. We also provide a free initial consultation to UK businesses on your internet marketing and / or web site plans to help you achieve maximum results for your spend.

Contact us today for your free consultation on your internet advertising and marketing.

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Internet Advertising and Marketing, Online Banner Advertising

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