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Website Design and Management

Image Presentation -  there is a range of image presentation software available at low cost to illustrate websites where there are a large number of images to display or where a mood needs to be created by an image sequence.  Image sequences can show a series of static images or these can be made to appear like movies.  Three images followed by an image with a text strapline saying why you are the best can be very compelling!  There is much more choice of effects these days and we no  longer need to write the whole thing ourselves.  So the customer benefits from a better looking website at lower cost.

Blogs -  more and more businesses are asking us for Blogs.  Blogs can  help to keep your website content fresh, can be used to encourage customer interaction and are specially designed to revolve around suitable keyword phrases.  So they serve a dual purpose – two way communication with your customers and improving your website optimisation .  These are both likely to increase visitor volumes.

Predicting Your Website Sales - it is critical that you can assess your likely website sales volumes, in order to build a picture of your financials and assess the business case, and we are often asked by new site owners how to do it. We have just published an article "Predicting Your Website Sales" which deals with this, and gives simple steps to enable you to predict the sales volumes you might achieve.


Website Promotion

Articles - we often mention in our Newsletter that Article links, i.e. links from good quality e-zines, should be gained on a regular basis. Many of the e-zines have very high page ranks, and their links are highly rated. Obviously, the first step is to create an article with original and relevant content. That's easily said, bit we know from working with our clients that creating a good article can be very time consuming, and defeats many busy website owners.

Our new article,  "Creating Good Articles" emphasises that you should be alert to the material you are already generating from your business, whether from Prospect quotes, colleague exchanges, or emails to clients on particular technical features of your services - often, with a little further work,  this material can provide the barebones of a future article.

We also give ideas on how to reduce the work involved in submitting your articles to e-zines, if you do this yourself. Within NCS, as part of our client promotion work we regularly help clients to create articles, and then submit them to carefully selected e-zines - just let us know if you need help with this aspect of your site promotion.

Social Media Links - links from your social media sites, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, can help to improve the visibility of your website, so when you post an item on them, be sure to include a link to your website with the posting. Obviously, with Twitter, a long url will use up a lot of the 140 characters allowed, so don't forget to use a shortened version of the url - there are several sites which can provide the shortened url including Do contact us if you need help with your Social Media development.

Web Issues

New Article - we have written and issued a new article on mobile web use. It summarises the scale of mobile web use including our on client experience, and gives six simple steps to improve the experience of mobile and and tablet users when they visit your site. The suggestions include possible use of a dot mobi domain name, using available free functionality, text abbreviation, page template changes, and image presentation ideas.

Plug – ins - it is worth highlighting to our clients that there are now some well - developed plug - ins which enable mobiles to present certain features like dropdowns and navigation bars in effective ways. These can be added at very little cost.

Unsafe Links - poor spelling  - any link source can have the odd spelling mistake. But if you see two or three such errors on a page, just move on. Likely, you will spot also some strange grammar on the site. It may be that they don't care or are just dumping content on the site. Either way, at some stage Google are likely to catch up with them and de-rank the page, so just avoid them.



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